Since August I’m dealing with skin problems. And no matter what I did to try solve my skin condition; things would start to get even worse! Not only that I bought ton of skincare items, I have also changed my eating routine.

I have been always a healthy eater but since my skin problem occurred I tried different supplements and teas to clear my body from toxins and what not. In early December I tried La Roche Posay Effaclar duo+ cream. I have tried few years back the original Effaclar duo cream and didn’t like it because it was too harsh for my sensitive skin. But this new improved formula is a lifesaver. I go through them quickly, one tube a month sometimes even two. I’m still using this cream on daily basis and it helps to maintain and clear my pores. I’ve noticed a major difference in my skin texture and reduction of breakouts. It’s a light non drying texture. I use this cream only at night with my night cream Natura Siberica. It’s great combo. My skin feels soft and radiant, blemish and redness free.

I’m still having some problematic areas like hormonal spots in that time of month. I’m trying to clear that with Effaclar AI spot treatment. (I will review this product in the next post).

My biggest problem at this time is milia on my cheeks which I’m trying to solve with La Roche Posay Redermic R (retinol cream). I will report back to you soon.

I would definitely recommend Effaclar duo+ it’s worth every penny and will make your life easier. It comes in a tube of 40ml (112,69kn in Croatia) or currently on sale, 10£ at Feelunique (until Friday 27th 4pm GMT).

Do you like any La Roche Posay products?

xoxo Ana