Writing this has to be the most frustrating and uncomfortable thing to do. How narcissistic is it to explain to you all how amazing and awesome I am and not to forget how very humble I am. All kidding aside, the best way I can describe myself is a bit of everything tossed into a blender.

I’m 20 something year old from Croatia. I’d read blogs for a while so decided to give it a go myself. Here you’re likely to find beauty and book reviews, tips&tricks and other random stuff about fashion and lifestyle, food and fitness.

If you fancy a chat or want to ask me a question tweet me @annabeautyspace or come to say hello on instagram.

The main reason I’m starting my own blog is to provide information about good beauty products that aren’t so available and to share my knowledge in fighting against sensitive/reactive skin. Also, this is a good opportunity to expand my English writing. Before I start let me explain my skin condition. I have very sensitive, dehydrated skin prone to allergies and blackheads so it’s very hard to find a good product that won’t cause a breakout.

Thanks for reading!