ThalgoHydra Marine 24h Cream is daily moisturizer that comes in a gorgeous 50ml blue glass container.  I have to say it’s quite heavy so it’s not ideal for traveling.

Although this is not a bad cream it didn’t meet my expectations. It has strange texture something between gel and luxurious, rich cream with light fresh tea and white flowers fragrance. It sinks pretty fast so it’s good as a base for makeup but only for dry skin and in a winter months. I wouldn’t recommend this to combinational or oily skin because it will leave your skin feeling and looking greasy after few hours. If you like that dewy almost gloss-shine look than this is product for you.


Hydra Marine 24h Cream has good quality ingredients that  don’t irritate sensitive skin but for the price of £39.50 I would expect so much more than effect of medium daily moisturizer.

Overall I will not repurchase this Thalgo daily cream because it’s nothing special and doesn’t justify its price tag. In my opinion I’m only paying for luxurious packing and medium product.

Have you tried Thalgo products, what are your thoughts?