EvelineCosmetics – Diamond Hard Nails: Extreme strengthener protects weak nails against breaks, cracks and brittles. Strengthens and deeply moisturizes, providing nails elasticity and healthy look. It’s very effective on my nails. I love to use this as a base or as a week treatment to strengthen my weak nails and prevent brittles.

Deborah Milano 7 Days Long –851: Great spring fuchsia colour. It’s fresh colour and looks great on the nails. It’s very long lasting formula. Minimum 5 days on my nails under harsh conditions (washing with chemicals etc.).

Natura Siberica Anti-age hand cream: I have dry hands as everything else on my body. I’m always trying new hand products. I don’t like greasy creams especially if I’m going out or I’m using technology. So trying to find the right one it’s sometimes very hard.


Yves Rocher Eye Cream– Wrinkles & Radiance Dazzling cream: Special delicate area treatment, both gentle and highly effective treats the eye contour area. It very good product that reduces the  appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I love this eye cream, it’s rich but not heavy on the eyes.

L’oreal  Inalible laquer liner– 01 Pure Black: Great gel eyeliner. Very smooth, extra black formula. Long lasting on the eyes, it’s very good for greasy eyelids as mine. Good budget eyeliner that doesn’t smudge or crease.

L’orealInfallible Eye shadow– 004 Forever Pink: Lovely pink iridescent formula. You can use it wet or dry. Looks amazing on the eyes. It’s light pink shade that brightens the eyes. It’s a good quality product. I will buy some more.

Maybelline Color Drama Khol – 400 Marvellous Maroon- I love this brown pen for my waterline and under the eyes. It accentuates my eye colour. It’s very creamy formula, goes on smoothly. It’s beautiful brown/coppery colour ideal for green or blue eyes. Great price and quality.

Maybelline Color 24hr tattoo – 35 On and On Bronze: This was my go to eye shadow when I’m running late or want a wash of colour. It’s very easy to use. Very good formula that goes on smoothly and stays long. It’s great as a base or on it’s own. Overall great product I keep on repurchasing.


MaxFactor Colour Elixir Lip Liner– 02 Pink Petal– Good lip liner. This shade suits my lips and makes them appear fuller. It’s great creamy formula. I use this just on the outside of my lip frame.

Melem lip balm– It’s very hard to find lip balm that doesn’t clog your lips but actually helps. I have tried so many things but I always keep back on Melem. This is original Croatian lip balm that saves my lips. It really helps my chapped lips. It’s very moisturizing but not too greasy. It doesn’t have scent which I really like because sometimes I’m not in the mood for smelly things under my nose, they can be overpowering. It’s absolutely amazing balm that actually works for only 20kn (around 3$)