In 2013 Alber Elbaz creative director for Lanvine created funky limited edition collection. I have been lucky to get my hands on Lancome Hypnose Star mascara. I know it has passed two years now but I hate when I miss limited edition products especially if they are great products with cute packaging.

You all probably know about Lancome Star (£23) mascara and have tried it but I’m a little late to this game. Nevertheless I’m quite happy to try it. So far I’m not a huge fan of expensive mascaras. If I’m paying that amount of money I want them to make and keep my lashes amazing. I hate when I need to use at least two mascaras to achieve wanted look.

This Star mascara is meant to go give your lashes ultra-volume and sensuous curves, resulting in a very glamorous Hollywood effect. Mascara contains a dual-action brush. It has two rounded sides that are meant to separate, define and lengthen and flat sides that are then meant to even out the coverage of the formula on each lash give volume and enhance curl.

The formula contains a “black diamond effect” which also gives the lashes a glossy gel-like finish by combining soft and hard waxes. I like the texture; it adds thickness to my lashes without them being clumpy. The wand is good making them easy to coat each and every lash. After testing this mascara I would say it’s nothing spectacular although its good mascara for making big, thick lashes.

Unfortunately the formula is very disappointing. I never had this big panda eyes with any mascara after wearing it for few hours. It transfers not only on the top of my eyelids but also beneath bottom lashes. I’m very disappointed once again with expensive mascara. In my opinion they aren’t worth the splurge. I won’t repurchase Star mascara.

What do you think about Lancome Star mascara?  xoxoAna