Idylle is the latest creation by Guerlain for mainstream distribution, introduced in September 2009. It has been created by Thierry Wasser and it is the first fragrance he created in his position as the succeeded of Jean-Paul Guerlain.

In addition to their fragrance they came out with shower gel. The smell is the same but it’s more subtly than the fragrance.

This is luxurious treat for everyone that wants to indulge and pamper themselves. It’s expensive but totally worth it. I want to accentuate that this is not an everyday shower gel because after you use it regularly it becomes harsh for the skin.

Idylle has a fruity, floral scent and creamy texture that leaves skin soft and fresh.  It’s definitely treat for the body but since I’m not using this on regular basis it’s too expensive (200ml/50$) for what it is. If you like the smell go for the fragrance it’s much more affordable and usable.

What is your favourite luxury treat?


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