lee stafford dry shampoo
I have been struggling to find good dry shampoo under 10£. I go through them very quickly so I want them to be more budget friendly. Few months ago I discover Lee Stafford Original dry shampoo for Oily Roots  and fall in love with it.

It doesn’t come out as white as most dry shampoos do. This one has light texture like hairspray and it’s not irritating to you scalp. It’s very effective in removing greasy hair and you don’t have to comb through it. Just spray it on oily areas and then rub it into your hair and you are good to go. I have to repurchase bigger size. At the moment I have mini which is very handy for caring in the purse and for touch ups on the go. You would be surprised as this tiny bottle lasts a long time. It comes in 50ml bottle and cost 22 kn (4$) or original size 150ml that costs 5,99£. If you are interested check here. If you have dark hair you might like dark dry shamoo.

I’m interested in trying COLAB dry shampoo since I read so many good things.
What is your favourite dry shampoo? Also if you use COLAB dry shampoo please tell me if you like it or not! xoxo Ana